“The Great Road Trip” | USA Series

“The Great Road Trip” | USA Series

February 5, 2019


Oh,  SUMMER  2017!  You  are  one  of  the  unforgettable.  Lots  of  things  happened  this  year. One  of  those  is  that,  I  travelled  to  the  United  States  of  America  for  the  first  time.  Like  all the  “first  time  explorers”,  we  got  carried  away  by  all  the  places  we  want  to  visit  in  a  short period  of  time.  It  was  indeed  fun  and  crazy!  Let  me  share  to  you  the  places  I  have  been. 


We landed on LAX from Washington DC in the afternoon and waited until almost evening for our rental car.



We stayed at The Residence Hyatt Hotel for the night and began the long drive to Arizona the next morning. We really enjoyed our stay in this hotel because they topped up our reservation and gave us a better one.


This trip’s itinerary is  to see the famous Grand Canyon through route 66 and a little bit of Nevada.


This happened in the month of June and even though I thought that I was mentally prepared for the heat, it went into my nerves in some occasions! Thank God that the car we rented has a good air-conditioning.


After some time driving, we decided to sleep in the car just for the sake of trying it. It went okay but not preferable in my opinion. Try it sometimes!


William 1881 (Gateway to the Grand Canyon) This place felt like we were in the movies since a lot of films were taped here! It was fun indeed.



Grand Canyon


This place left us in awe of God’s amazing hands! We were floored. I feel like no photograph can give justice to this place. I have seen a picture of it before but to see it personal left me in total astonishment. It is extravagant without even trying to be one.




There was this cute squirrel who entertained a lot of tourist while we were there. It was so funny!


Since the Grand Canyon is huge, we couldn’t see the whole thing during this visit. The one that we decided to see was the North Rim and the south rim would be my aim for the next trip. Although it was short lived, I am still amazed up until today on its unique beauty. If you plan on visiting USA, make sure to stopover and see this place! You will not regret it.


Hoover dam (Nevada)


We had a quick tour here and didn’t stayed long since the heat was crazy.



After that one try - sleeping in the car, we decided NOT to do it again! You can go figure.


We often come prepared… well, not quite with this one. We didn’t book any hotel prior to coming here. However, we were optimistic that we can just drop in any time (just like in the movies). Sadly, it was peak season and the hotels we visited were fully booked already – bummer! Jumping from one hotel to another desperately is crazy. I will not recommend it. Luckily, the last hotel that we visited had a wonderful receptionist that went beyond and helped us find a place to crash that night.



All in all, our day was fun and we felt blessed that we found a place to stay! It is a lesson I will remember for the rest of my traveling-life! Haha



Travel Tips:


Go to Grand Canyon as early as 8am. Busses loading tourists usually arrived in midday. If you want to feel not too crowded, plan ahead.


Prepare some sun-protection paraphernalia like umbrella, hats or sun creams.


Wear comfy clothing and shoes. There is going to be a lot of walking.


Bring plenty of water! You don’t want to be dehydrated while sightseeing! Some food and small snacks will be handy as well.



Next stop, Central Coast California!

Thank you for reading and see you next week!




Miss K