QUICK GUIDE on choosing your indoor plants | Lifestyle

QUICK GUIDE on choosing your indoor plants | Lifestyle

January 18, 2019




People and plants are meant to co-exist and thrive together. There are tons of indoor plants to choose from and whether or not you have a green thumb, there is always a plant that can fit your lifestyle and need! Picking the right indoor plants can be tricky so here are my tips and guide as how I know it.




Your lifestyle and needs


You need to figure out which plant suits your personality and lifestyle. Ask yourself these following questions, do you have the discipline on watering the plants regularly? What type of plants do you want to see at home? Do you have allergies? Do you travel often?






Knowing the temperature and the space you have at home is very important. Some plants thrive better with humid indoor environment while some are okay with cool temperature.




Placement and Space


After knowing your lifestyle and the environment the plants will be in, it is time to choose for the placement of your greenery. Always be mindful of where the light or sunlight is at for some plants are totally dependent while there are also some which aren’t.  




Here is my quick guide for you!



Tips on how to take care of the plants:

  • If you are thinking to re-potting, it is better to do it during summer. You may also do this in springtime as long as it isn’t cold. Plants are sensitive, too!

  • If you are not sure if your plant needs water, stick your finger in the soil.

  • If you are doing all the tips and the plants are still getting weary, try to place them in a different spot.

  • Greenery hates dusts! Make sure that you clean them too!

  • If you see that your plants are losing some leaves, DO NOT PANIC! Some plant hibernates. It is normal especially in winter/autumn. Make sure to still water them regularly. This is also vital if you live in a country with 4 seasons.

  • Watch some tips on YouTube (For example: Summer Rayne Oaks)

  • You are living with your plants. Make sure to listen to them and be sensitive too.



Lot's of luck and I hope you find this helpful!




Miss K











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