Never Stop Chasing Your Dreams

April 2, 2019



Sometimes it is very easy to forget or even give up on the dreams we once had because of the hardships that goes with it, right? Although this is true and essential, do not be sad or be discourage! "God will not allow anything that we can't handle because He will be with us”. This saying becomes true when we are in that situation and that’s when you will treasure it the most.


I find it hard to believe that I am turning 33 soon… I am a goal oriented person and to be honest, at this point in my life, I feel like maybe I am stuck. What have I accomplished since I landed the 30 zone? Moving on? Regrets? Relieving the past? And so on. I tried to evaluate my life and current position when I came into realizing that something awesome did happened!



One of my dreams came to fulfilment!


There is no hiding the fact that I didn’t passed the nursing licensure exam in the Philippines. It made me heartbroken because I dream of working in a hospital someday and me failing is not going to help me reach that. I had an in-depth interview with Miss Davey which you will find here if you want to take a peak of my back story. I moved on with my life and went to Europe thinking that, I will just get whatever job I deserve. I thought that this particular dream is gone forever. Little did I know that God has a surprise for me!


I have been working at a nursing home in Lærdal for 4 years now and decided that this is the time to relocate. So, I sent up my cv in different nursing homes in Tromsø since that city made quiet an entrance to my heart. I got no response which was a bummer but, my friends encouraged me to try and send it to the University hospital of North Norway instead. That thought initially made me excited all at once but, suddenly replaced with these questions - How can I even get in there? Am I ready for it? Will I fit for that job? I went into a spiral! I gave it to God and asked for His will to be done.


My friends,

I was not disappointed. I got the job!


I rejoiced as if I won the Miss Universe crown! 


God never disappoints. I am beyond excited to learn new things and to explore new territories that comes with it. I also thank God for the previous work I had which helped me to grow in this profession and boosted my self-confidence. It has been my stepping stone all this years.


Today, I am starting a new chapter with a little anxiousness but I know God is with me on this.




I don’t know what you are going through right now, but, one thing is for sure; If it is God’s will, it will be done. It may take years, rough roads or road blocks and a lot of waiting but, if God led you to it, He will make you through it!






Miss K




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