Monstera Deliciosa | Indoor Plant Spotlight

Monstera Deliciosa | Indoor Plant Spotlight

March 6, 2019



This amazing plant is almost everywhere nowadays! It is one of the most popular interior must-haves not just because of its aesthetic, but also because of its non-demanding state.





This species of plant is native to tropical forests of southern Mexico, south to Panama. This plant thrives best around 20-30°C and requires humidity and shade. The name “Monstera” refers to its size which can grow up to 30 feet high while “Deliciosa” is referring to its delicious fruit.




Fun fact: The highest Monstera plant in the wild was recorded 66 feet high. Suprisingly, it can only grow up to 2 and 3 m (6.6 and 9.8 ft) when cultivated indoors.




Its large, leathery, smooth, heart-shaped leaves with split or holes makes this plant unique and recognizable in the design realm. You can see them printed in pillows, posters, magazines, desktop wallpaper etc. If plants have their own instragram world, I bet Monstera would be as famous as Ariana Grande.


So, you have bought your Monstera! What’s next?





Indoor Plant Care tips:





SUNLIGHT: The size and growth of their leaves depends on how much sunlight it gets. It doesn’t need to be in direct light but a balanced sunlight is the key for a thriving Monstera.






WATER: Monstera hates dry soil. Watering them once a week during summer and once every two weeks with a little bit of spray during winter to prevent waterlogging (the leaves turns yellow when it does). If unsure, check the soil.






TOXICITY: All part of this plant, excluding the ripe fruit, is poisonous both to human and furry friends. It can cause stomach pain when eaten and skin irritation when contact with its sap. It is safe to have it at home since it purifies the air indoors. Just refrain from eating it.




POSITIONING: This plant takes a lot of space so be aware of where to put them. If you have toddlers or pets in the house, I recommend putting it on a shelf or any higher platform for safety.





PROPAGATION: Cut the stem just above the aerial roots and place them on a jar with water this is also known as ''water cultivating''. After some months, you can re-pot your baby Monstera in its new home.





Taking proper care of your monstera is sure to give you tons of compliments, good vibes and a happy plant!



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