Los Angeles | USA Series

Los Angeles | USA Series

February 28, 2019

Oh,  SUMMER  2017!  You  are  one  of  the  unforgettable.  Lots  of  things  happened  this  year. One  of  those  is  that,  I  travelled  to  the  United  States  of  America  for  the  first  time.  Like  all the  “first  time  explorers”,  we  got  carried  away  by  all  the  places  we  want  to  visit  in  a  short period  of  time.  It  was  indeed  fun  and  crazy!  Let  me  share  to  you  the  places  I  have  been.


Santa Monica was our last stop before we went in our seperate ways. It wasn’t that dramatic, though! Just for some days before meeting up again in Los Angeles.




As you all know, my family and I have different addresses. It is rather complicated since those different addresses is also in different continents. One out of my two siblings are residing in the USA and meeting him is one of the huge purpose why I wanted to visit this country at the first place.


He is my big brother and the only man left in our lives when my dad passed away. He works and live with his small family in Seattle, Washington. I was glad that they flew to L.A to meet me. This is also the very first time that I met my niece, Bea, who turns out to be a mini… ME. LOL. Look at our resemblance! 



Bonding time is obligatory and we used all the time that we can.



Hollywood Walk of Fame




Griffith Observatory




Hollywood Sign





After that, we decided to stroll Venice, Beach