How to get through Valentine's Day being single | “Single Awareness Da

How to get through Valentine's Day being single | "Single Awareness Day"

February 13, 2019




Are you waiting for some fancy flowers and chocolate from a secret admirer this coming heart’s day? or maybe you’re hoping your crush would ask you out?


Well… Some of us are expecting nothing and planning to tuck ourselves in our blanket and weep because we have none of those mentioned. But no need to pity over us. We have plans, too!


If you are like me, who is single and wants to enjoy the upcoming “Valentines day”. I have some suggestions to distract you from your very cold heart’s day.



*  Watch Netflix and relax.


You may find this funny and you may be asking me “NETFLIX?! Whaaat?!”. Yes, netflix. This streaming channel can help you cope with your bitter feelings. Try to watch movies with a different perspective, not every love story gives you the same message.



Here are some flicks:



The Kissing Booth


It taught me to always be my very self, no matter what other people think of me. You may be a bit childish and careless but that one person who knows you well, will love you anyway. They will even do everything to protect you even if it is your best friend’s older brother.



To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before


This movie has been the talk of 2018 but it is never too late to still watch it. What if your secret crushes knew about your feelings for them? Sometimes the best love story is the one started off as a pact. You can never expect anything. Everything can turn out to be a big surprise. Thanks to you, Big Guy.



Sierra Burgess is a Loser


This is my favourite movie series. Not only because of its beautiful storyline but also because I can relate myself in to Sierra’s character. I watched this movie (primarily) because of the hearthrob Noah Centineo but this movie gave me some real-deal lesson in life as a bonus. I will not spoil it for you but the most important lesson is TO LOVE AND ACCEPT YOURSELF BEFORE EXPECTING OTHERS TO LOVE YOU.



*  Go on a date with your friends.


I’ve been doing this for years now. I don’t really understand why every 14th of February, I find myself with no boyfriend. The good thing is I have friends who are SINGLES just like me. We eat out in the finest restaurant we want our future partners to bring us or we go to Arco della Pace (a spot in Milan where you can find different pubs), drink VIRGIN cocktails or as some people call MOCKTAILS and just eat from their endless buffet (APERICENA). I don’t encourage mixing our sad thoughts with alcohol. It is no good for our bodies. It’s always good to spend time with your girlfriends and catch up about each other’s lives. No need to name your boylets or talk about love life.



*  Treat yourself.


Because, why not? It’s either you go shopping, walk around the city, feed ducks in the lakes or eat out alone. This is all about doing things by yourself and for yourself. This helps me reflect and appreciate all the good things I have. It is tough at first, but eventually you will love how it feels to be able to do things on your own. I’ve never gone to cinema alone but it will be a goal this year. Appreciate yourself so that other people can appreciate you. You will get to know yourself better and you’ll learn to love yourself more with all your flaws, imperfection, strengths and assets.


*  Spend time with your family.


Every year my dad buys my mom and us sisters flowers during heart’s day. This is too corny but I realized how much I mean to my father and of-course to my family. If you really want company who you are sure truly loves you then spend your day with you family. NO ONE CAN LOVE YOU LIKE YOUR FAMILY. There are things in your life that only your family knows and accepts but loves you anyway. Don’t neglect them but love them more.




Good things come to those who wait


You can wait for the right guy to come but the real deal here is to make yourself better. Don’t wait for him/her to complete you but strive to be the better version of yourself now. I am sure, just like me, the right guy will come on the right time. For now, enjoy Valentine’s Day being single!


Now remember, you are never alone!



Happy Heart’s Day!




With so much love,


Miss F

Blog contributor


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