How to be Yourself in a Perfectly Fake World

How to be Yourself in a Perfectly Fake World

May 28, 2019




Every human being is born with unique personality and we are all beautiful in our own way - that is a fact! Even twins who were created at the same time and shared everything will still have a uniqueness in their individuality. Unfortunately, in our time today, people tend to be more of a copy than of being their true selves.


Why? One of the biggest factor on this is the Internet/the Social Media. Yes, the social media which made it possible for us to stalk the people that we want to check out anytime and anywhere! Great, right?


But, there is a danger that lies underneath the surface - envy, low self esteem and unhapiness that causes depression.


It is not a secret that this has been a constant trigger that leads us to comparing the life of celebrities, models, influencers or popular friends/enemies from our day to day life.


This growing problem hassles about 7 out of 10 young girls in particular. Boys and older generations are not excluded and the more we use our time on it, the more we become negative. I am a victim of it as well and I know that I am not alone.


Now, I am not suggesting that you quit everything to be happy! Social media is also a great platform for so many reasons. There are things that can help you balance your socia life and can make it authentic, but, it will require to start with you – being YOU.


So, for our comeback in the blog, I want to share some inspirational tips on how you can refocus to avoid being sucked into this blackhole of “perfectly fake world”.


  • Give Yourself a “Me-Time”.

Give yourself some relax time away from toxicity. Alone time is one of the best example for this. You can have a solo trip or vacation, you can go walking to the beach or hike. You can also simply listen to your favourite playlist while having a warm bath. Whatever you choose to do, don’t forget to breath for a while and enjoy the time away from your gadgets.


  • Give Your Body a Treat.

No, I am not thinking about sugary stuff! Please raise your hand if you are in to body care products, haha! I have come to love this and figured out that our body also needs attention – specially, our skin. I remember what a woman close to me said, “When I was on my youth, I always make sure to take care of my skin specially my face”. And I can see that her past decisions on that made incredible results even against time. So, instead of using your free time looking at their perfect Instagram post, why not love the body that we are born with and treat it as a temple that God gave us? I am not encouraging you to be vain, but, to really take time to learn and love YOU.




  • Wear What Makes You Comfortable.

Everyone deserves to be happy and not let be controlled by anybody else. So what, if the trend is 5 inches heels to work or wearing dog collars on your neck? You can absolutely wear anything your body and your wallet is comfortable spending. Please stop jumping on the bandwagon just to FIT IN. No! I really learned this lately and I am tired of buying because the model looks good in it. You are going to feed yourself and your family not the whole community so stop trying to please everyone.



  • Stop Comparing Yourself.

I have to admit that this is the hardest thing to do because, like what I stated in the intro, we are surrounded by “fake perfections”, its okay to admire them on how they got amazing bodies, hair or face, but, not to the extent that we get obsessed by them. Sadly, they are also human and for sure, had some struggles to get where they are now too! Unfortunately, we don’t get to see that side often. Instead of copying the “only perfect posts”, try to find your own identity. That’s what I found when Jesus entered in my heart. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself nor your looks as long as you are happy with it. If not? Change your lifestyle and be a better version of yourself.



  • Love Yourself.

We need to remember this every waking day - that every time you face your reflection on that mirror, utter positive phrases to yourself. I learned this from my pastor who encouraged us to write optimistic phrases on a sticky note unto the bathroom mirror.


Phrases like, “hey beautiful!”, “you are loved”, “you are valued”, “your imperfections make you perfect”, “You look awesome”, “today you will do great things” etc. will help you as it helped me love myself more. Respecting your own pace is also a sign of self-love. Do not rush things just because people are pushing you to it.


You must learn that it is never wrong to give yourself some time, attention and love. Remember that, love comes from within and the way for you to shine is to do exactly this.



I hope that this has encouraged you today! God bless you.





Miss K





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How to be Yourself in a Perfectly Fake World

May 28, 2019

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