From The Sims to Architecture | Success Stories

From The Sims to Architecture | Success Stories

March 12, 2019

"Will it be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? ABSOLUTELY" - Anonymous



My parents didn't came from a well-off family. They hardly made it growing up. Who would have known that one day, I will be what I dreamed of? What I have accomplished and achieve is not just because of what I am capable of, but because of the perseverance and the hard work of those who supported me all through out. I wrote this article as a tribute to God and to my parents.


 Hi, I am Arch. Glaiza! 

Taking a licensure exam in january is hard: It means, NO HOLIDAYS and I chose it anyways. Long preparations and sleepless nights trying to compile 5 years of university studies into a couple of months of review is like putting 200 pcs of clothing into a hand-carry luggage - Dramatic, but, true. I remember going crazy on the night before the dreaded date. I still had pointers to read and I wanted to cry but I realized that I don't have time for it. I didn't know how I pulled it off, but, I did.


School-life balance plays an important for optimal academic functioning. As students, we tend to focus more in academics at the expense of personal factors, including relationships with friends and sometimes with our own family too. As for me, finding ways to integrate and balance school and personal life was essential. 


And, no, I didn't made it to top ten out of over thousands of examinees, BUT, this will not hinder me to tell the world how proud I am for having my biggest motivation to finish.


My parents were, ofcourse, my biggest inspiration in pushing through my limits whenever I feel down or when I had wanted to give up. It is not an option for me to fail them because I know all their sacrifices for me and for our family. I always had that long term vision for myself, that will make my parents so proud. And here they are as I took my oath yesterday. I am now officially a registered and licensed Architect.






My family keeps me sane and motivated to strive for the better. It was always important for me that I make time for my family and I made sure that my responsibilities at home were also accomplished (although, I suck with this sometimes). Same goes with my friends and circles, I make it a point that we meet and hang out whenever possible to catch up and have a good laugh that relieves my stress from too much studying. Even when I was reviewing for my board exam, my friends have also been very supportive which I’m really thankful for.



A little Backstory:

Why Architecture?


Back in my junior year in Highschool, we we’re required to have a technical subject wherein the boys and girls of two sections would have to separate and would choose a subject. The choices were Drafting subject and Electrical subject. Because there we’re too many girls, some of these girls should voluntarily chose to enlist at the Drafting subject. I thought that even though I don’t like to be around boys (which I perceived to be rude, rowdy and always played pranks at girls during those times lol), I will not let that intimidate me and told myself “why not? I love drawing anyway” so I was one of those girls who volunteered to transfer to Drafting class.


Fast forward, I was doing great outputs in the drafting class. My teacher is the best teacher for the subject. I loved what we were doing. I looked forward to the artsy activities and I got engaged to the technical topics as well. We also had some discussions related to architectural drafting. As for our final requirement for the subject, we were grouped with 4 members each and was tasked to do a perspective drawing of a 2-Storey House. Unfortunately my groupmates would not cooperate properly and so I ended up doing the project alone. The project was so challenging but I’ve done it unexpectedly well and it made me realize that Architecture is the course that I would want to take for college. It is just like a game I used to enjoy when I was a kid - The Sims. I never really grew up from it, I still play it when I have the time. 


Why PLM?


Choosing the right school for my college degree, first I had to consider a university that offers prestige and has a good reputation with regards to the course that I want to take. Other major considerations would be the tuition fee of that school, campus location and transportation to and from that campus. Those were my checklist when I chose the university where I got my degree and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (University of the City of Manila) is the perfect fit for it.




The Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (aka PLM) is a city government funded and tuition-free local university situated inside the historic walled area of Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. At present, PLM is listed among the top schools in the country in terms of the number of graduates who pass the different licensure exams regularly facilitated by the Professional Regulatory Commission or PRC.



Sharing this milestone with my proud parents and family. My parents are the most hard working people I ever knew. I’m so grateful to God that he blessed me with such loving parents that were always there to guide me. I'm thankful to them for allowing me to do what I wanted to do and for being very supportive through my long journey. I wouldn't have gone this far if it wasn’t because of them.



To the aspiring students, do not quit and keep pushing forward. One day, everything will pay off. Hold on to your dreams and never forget where you came from.


To the future, I am ready for you!


I dedicate my success to God who has made everything beautiful in it's time- Ecc 3:11

Thank you Lord!




- Glaiza

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