January 29, 2019

Oh,  SUMMER  2017!  You  are  one  of  the  unforgettable.  Lots  of  things  happened  this  year. One  of  those  is  that,  I  travelled  to  the  United  States  of  America  for  the  first  time.  Like  all the  “first  time  explorers”,  we  got  carried  away  by  all  the  places  we  want  to  visit  in  a  short period  of  time.  It  was  indeed  fun  and  crazy!  Let  me  share  to  you  the  places  I  have  been. 


The trip to the next destination was crazier than the first. Due to lack of research before we arrived, we got lost again. We then found out that our hotel is far from the city centre – a bummer, I tell you. It was sunny and hot! We loved the weather but in a "panic-try-to-find-our-way" mode, the heat was literally in our head. Luckily, Americans are very helpful and approachable. We found our route.




Next stop, WASHINGTON D.C.!




Mega bus -> Train -> Change train -> Mini bus to Dallas Airport -> Hotel service bus



It was like a rollercoaster ride! We reached our hotel with grumbling stomach. We explored the hotel right away and found some noodles from the establishment’s mini grocery! We stayed there until the next day.





Day 1 :     Whole day exploring Washington


National Air and Space Museum 

National Museum of the American Indian  

Botanical Garden

The Capitol

Smithsonian Museums

National Art Gallery


The White House

National Mall

The Lincoln Memorial (it’s worth it to walk up all the steps)

Vietnam Veterans Nemorial

National World War II Memorial

The Washington Monument




Washington D.C. TIPS:



*   Find a hotel with a good location - spend a little more money if needed on this. 


*   Bring good walking shoes - You will use hours to walk around the city.


*   Always have some food and water with you


*   Maximize your stay - Atleast 2 -3 days.


*   Be prepared for the weather - June and july are crazy warm.


*   Ideal for the whole family - Child friendly tourist spots.


*   Museums have free admission - Plan ahead! Divide the day so you can visit all          your itineraries.



Next stop, Los Angeles

Thank you for reading. See you next week.




Miss K



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