January 22, 2019

Oh,  SUMMER  2017!  You  are  one  of  the  unforgettable.  Lots  of  things  happened  this  year. One  of  those  is  that,  I  travelled  to  the  United  States  of  America  for  the  first  time.  Like  all the  “first  time  explorers”,  we  got  carried  away  by  all  the  places  we  want  to  visit  in  a  short period  of  time.  It  was  indeed  fun  and  crazy!  Let  me  share  to  you  the  places  I  have  been. 




First stop, NEW YORK!


We started off with little to no knowledge of how the public transportation works. Great! We thought it is going to be easy since the language is already in English, right?  But hey! It was actually-complicated. We bought a train ticket card worth $20 and found out after that, it was not valid for that type of train. The man who checked our ticket was nice and merciful enough not to fine us (Thank God!). He suggested that we can buy the tickets online and so we did! We later found out that the ticket is only valid in the subway.


We got to our hotel, settled our stuff and began exploring the city. We didn’t want to waste our time since we are only staying for 3 days and 2 nights.


We saw the Empire State building first and then sightsaw the “Time Square”. It was so surreal to be there personally. I  thought it was a bit crowded but felt familiar! Thanks to the movies and pictures they market everywhere.




There were tons of sites to see in NYC - New York public library, Grand Central Terminal, Chrysler building etc. Although sightseeing is tiring and made us super hungry, we were thankful that food is also available everywhere. Going back to the hotel was a bit tricky and found ourselves lost in the concrete jungle. Luckily, we had someone in the team who is good with exploring and direction!


Day 2


We tried the famous Subway Train of NYC. It was super crowded but fun! We stopped by the 9/11 memorial and museum to see it and it was saddening yet heartwarming to witness people offering handmade flowers since it was also a “Father’s day”.



Moving along, we headed to see Miss Liberty. It was such a sight in a good weather! We got into the boat and reached the statue.


We also explored the Ellis Island and then – the unthinkable happened… We saw a storm coming our way! The wind shifted and the waves started to be crazy. It made the boat ride back to mainland - wild. It scared me from head to toe since I can’t swim. I prayed until we reached the shore. The rain came and we held ourselves inside a food store. What an experience!


We were grateful that we came home safely.



Day 3


Last day in NYC! We went to visit the Rockeffeller Center, St. Patrick Cathedral and ate the famous cheesecake at Juniors! You should check them out when you go to NYC! 


We hung out in Centra Park after that. We got lost THEN AGAIN because we took the wrong subway train. HAHA! What a trip! We made it to the next destination. I will definitely come back! Do you know any places that I can explore in NYC? Leave your thoughts in the comment section!






*  Try to research on how the public transportation and ticketing works. It will save you money and time.


*  If you are traveling in a group. Be sure to be coordinated. #TeamWork


*  Make plans and involve everyone so the sightseeing can be schedule in a good flow instead of having a “tug of war” kind-of trip.


*  Check the weather and be prepared for it.


*  Take the free maps from your hotel or airport. It will sure help a lot later!


Next stop, Washington DC

Thank you for reading.




Miss K



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