Listen to your body before it's too late!

Listen to your body before it's too late!

November 27, 2018



I am healthy and well, and so my mind said.


I wanted to believe that and live as if I will never ever get sick. BUT, we are only human and our body needs to be taken care of.




“I am healthy and well”, my mind continues but my body says something else.


Have you experienced the same? Moments that you wanted to do something but your body won’t even connect? It’s like, trying to tell you something but you have no idea or just being plain ignorant about it? I did and it led me spiralling down the road.


“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; 

you were bought at a price. Therefore, honour God with your bodies.”

- 1 Corinthian 6:19-20


Honoring God with our bodies doesn’t only talk about being holy and righteous but also about taking good care of it.


I thought I took good care enough, I thought I listened enough. Yet, missed all the signals.


I want to share my previous struggle in life or what really happened to me lately.


I almost always have a menstrual pain even back in the Philippines. Unfortunately, talking about period or menstruation has always been a taboo. We are not allowed to talk about it in public, anywhere or to anyone (aside from your mom or doctors) because people think that period is gross. Well, maybe it is – a little bit - but it is all natural and it’s a part of being a woman.


So, growing up, I thought that having a lot of pain during period is just normal and I kept quiet about it. Few years later, the pain evolved from bad to worse. It just kept on going stronger but of-course, I ignored it.


Few years after that, I started to experience having like of a menstrual pain EVEN when I am not having my period. It weirded me out but, as always - totally ignored it.


I came to Norway with the same routine. I just kept myself busy. I worked hard and continued ignoring all the signals my body is sending me.


“I need to work harder”, “I don’t need to go to the doctor” and “I can’t be sick because I have a lot of plans ahead” are my mottos in life. I stressed myself with this mentality.


I believed all this deceptions until last year when the pain started to be unbearable.

There came a time that I had to cross my legs because I felt like there is something coming out of my private part. There was a time that I couldn’t stand or walk for a long period because of the pain. My bed became my best-friend. It has seen all the pain I was trying to hold and hide when I am outside.

I experienced vomiting and being nauseous. It has gotten worst in the beginning of this year to the point that I can’t ignore the pain anymore. I had to see a doctor!



I finally decided to get checked. They found out that I have a Myoma (Tumor in the uterus) in the size of an orange fruit.



My world shooked after a doctor revealed how huge the tumor has become. Unfortunately, they don’t have the proper equipment and enough doctors to remove it so they referred me to a bigger hospital in Bergen.


I want to have kids. It may seem impossible after the operation but I believe that I will, someday.


Last June, I flew back to the Philippines to have a general check-up and also to get a second opinion. Worst was that, they found not just one but two. It was depressing but I had peace and always had peace in my heart because I know God is with me.


I went back to Norway and got a letter from the hospital in Bergen with the schedule of the operation. I almost couldn’t work anymore at that time but, I managed a little bit and I was really thankful that my operation was a success! Praise God! I am on the road to recovery.


Why am I sharing this? Because like me, there might be someone who is experiencing the same. Someone who is also ignoring the pain. I am here to tell you, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Do not just ignore all the signals before it is too late.


  • Your body is your responsibility


  • Take a rest once in a while.


  • Don’t work too much.


  • Do not ignore the pain.


  • Don’t be shy to ask for help.


  • You don’t need to be strong all the time.


  • Always consult your Doctor.








Miss K


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