Oh, Hello! Miss K here,

Oh, Hello! Miss K here,

September 24, 2018

Welcome to my Filipino Abroad blog! 




A little introduction about me; My name is Karen and I came from the Philippines.


I have been away from home since 2009 and I currently reside and work in Norway - and, YES! I love it here. 


I am an ISFP and if you don´t know what it is, you can visit this link and maybe get to know what yours is too ;) https://www.16personalities.com/







I love watching movies or reading books in my spare time but I also love the outdoors - which is a great thing to do here in Norway since the nature is superb! Hiking is one of my favorite things to do and I am aiming to be a PRO someday, :D who knows?





I am starting this blog because I want to share my journey, my thoughts and some cute and easy DIY´s that I have been doing. I also want to share my travel experiences and share some tips about the places that I have been - which I hope will help you guys if ever you want to see those places too! 






That is all for now ;) I hope that you will subscribe.








Miss K






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