HOMECOMING: Reunited at last!

HOMECOMING: Reunited at last!

October 14, 2018

I have not met any Filipino-family who doesn't have an OFW. It has been a necessity and/or a trend even before I was born. Do you ever think of living abroad? It can be a move you don’t even consider or it can be a dream that you wish to do in the near future. Either way, living abroad surely has its pros and cons which I know everybody can relate to.


In my first blog entry, Hello Miss K Here, I stated a bit of myself. I went abroad back in 2009 because I needed to. But believe it or not, I have not visited the Philippines since I left. It’s crazy but I have my reasons and one of those are in this blog post.


2018 is a big year for me. I got my permanent visa this year and decided to finally go back to the Philippines to visit my mother! It will be a mini reunion since my sister who live and work in Saudi Arabia will be coming home as well.


July 2018, I flew back to my homeland with mixed emotions. I didn’t know exactly what to feel since it has been so long since I sat foot in the Philippines. I had anxieties and excitement about what have changed and most of all, the excitement on seeing my mother for the first time in 9 years face to face.






Funny thing was, there is this awkward silence until I heard someone shouting, “KAKA, KAKA!” then, when I turned my head towards where it was coming from, I saw my mother running towards me. Happy, is an understatement! Nothing can replace a mother’s embrace!



The plane landed at night time and guess what I asked to get first? HAHA JOLIBEE of-course! I was overjoyed. I saw our new house for the first time and slept next to my mother. Oh, there is no place like home! I was on cloud nine all night thinking that I am finally reunited with her. The next day, I went to visit my beloved father in Holy Angel Cemetery despite the jetlag and stuff. It was a bliss although part of me is wishing he was there physically with us, too.




After several days, my sister who I have not seen for 11 years arrived as well. The only one missing is my brother who lives and work in the US who can't come because of schedule conflict.


My high school friends also visited me during my vacation. It’s funny how we all have changed physically but still remained the same friends we used to be. Some already have their own family and kids. #lifehappened you guys!


HONGKONG (arrival)


As a promise to my mom and some of my near relatives, I made the Hongkong trip possible, Praise God! Seeing my family happy is one of the best feeling I know. Upon arriving, we had some difficulties finding our route and transportation since everything is in a foreign language. #Nosebleed kami. I even checked with the customer service and on the internet about taxis but we had no luck. Finally, my sister found a rental car which then transported us to our hotel. If you want to book a hotel in Hongkong, I will highly recommend Hollywood Disneyland Hotel. We had a very good stay there plus it’s only five minutes away from the amusement park.





STREET FOOD in Mongkok is really good! It's a must when visiting HK.

We also went up the steps to see Hongkong lights at Peak Trams. It was well worth it.


Funny story- After the sightseeing and walking almost all day, we all went autopilot with only one goal – Reach the hotel and rest. But it wasn’t easy as we got separated on the train. My mom and my nephew were the only ones who made the train and we got closed out. Panic stroked but we managed to get to them. It was really a crazy day if you ask me. We made it to the hotel in one piece.


HONGKONG Disneyland day 3


Have you been in Disneyland? Oh…my word, I almost felt like a kid once more! It was so much fun! We saw the Lion King, Winnie the Pooh and the parades they have in there. Whole day of walking in the heat and not to mention full pack amusement park is not an easy mission but it was really enjoyable.


( BTW, I booked all the places we have been, using KLOOK)


HONGKONG day 4 (departure)


It was raining so we decided to just chill and just stay the comfort of our hotel room and lobby. It was also a way to reciprocate the weariness we have had walking around the city for the past days. It surely was a lazy but relaxing day. We flew back to Manila at the end of day 4.


FUN FACT: During the days that we gather together in the Philippines, EATING just about anything is our past time habit (HAHA) and nothing beats doing street foods like BALUT, BETAMAX etc.


Good thing was that, my brother-in-law really loves to cook which we appreciate a lot. Thank you, kuya!

I also met my aunties (Tita’s of Manila) around the city where we watched dancing fountain and Okada. It was a new experience for me since it wasn’t there the last time I was home. Surely, time flies super-fast especially when you are with the people you love hanging out with. It’s kinda unfair, though!