I'm In-love!

I'm In-love!

October 5, 2018


How will you know when you are in-love? Some other people define love such as this: “love is Blind”, “Love is like a rosary full of mystery”, and so on. When Jesus found me, I realized that worldly love is not permanent. Being attracted to another person is only physical. Unfortunately, it will fade in time. Some other people pretend to be “in-love” for selfish reasons; being a boss or taking advantage or “gamitan” as we say it in tagalog. I have experienced some of this and more and it kept me thinking about what love really is. What is the meaning of love?


I kept searching for it in all direction, with the wrong intention, with the wrong person and in the wrong season of my life. I was so desperate to have it, thinking that it will define who I really am. I was a mess! I can’t explain enough how crazy I was every weekend not long after arriving in Europe. I thought I was happy. Then I realized that everything is all temporary like a food with an expiration date. I needed someone, something permanent to stay.


I came to Norway in 2010 knowing no one. “I need some friends”, I thought to myself. So that’s what I did!. Luckily, I found one Filipina in a bus station who became my friend and introduced me to more Filipinos who became my friends too. Two of my new friends were invited in a bible-study which I also agreed to drop by, since I want to go wherever they go – no other reason. Little did I know that it will lead me to find my one true love.


I started reading the Bible and stumbled upon the passage in 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 (KJV) that says,


– This instantly became my favorite verse in the book.


I started spending time with the Bible and the more I learn about God, the more I fell for His unconditional love. I started to be contented of who I am not just in the physical, but also in my heart. The emptiness slowly backed away as I feel more of his abounding grace surrounding me every single day. I learned the hard truth that, apart from Him we will only be running, using our energy chasing things we thought would fill that void. We are created to be with Him and the sacrifice Jesus did on the cross paved a way for us to do so. No other love can beat that. I am thankful that I finally have Jesus. It gave me a whole new perspective on how to love not just myself but the people around me.


I am still single but not alone for Jesus is and will always be with me. And for that, I believe that He is preparing someone for me and the waiting shouln't be dreadful, but rather a time for me to love myself and to get to know God even more.



Thank you for reading,


Miss K




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