From hoarding to minimalism | DIY

From hoarding to minimalism | DIY

September 22, 2018

I think most Filipinos will agree with me about this one thing that has been passed from one generation to another and to the next one and so on. I don’t know about you but, I have just realized that I have not met one Filipino household who doesn’t do this and I am quite convinced that this has become a part of our setting – #CLUTTERING.





Here are some of the hoarding I have done or have seen:


1. CLOTHES- Almost everyone I know loves to go shopping. It can be a way of distressing for some people, a chosen lifestyle or just simply being programmed to SPEND MONEY by hanging "SALE" posters for us to rush into buying unnecessary things. But if you think buying clothes is hard enough, wait until every single piece piles up - that is where the problem begins.




2. COLLECTING FIGURINES/DISPLAYS (Anik-anik)- This comes as "Pasalubong/gifts" or by excessive shopping spree. I grew up seeing them on the table, windows, over the fridge, bathroom, over the cabinet, literally any place where there is space!



3. FURNITURES & HOME ACCESSORIES- This comes in all sizes, forms and shape. Things that I collect just because someone is giving it for free or because it is on sale. This can be curtains, cabinets, paintings, mirrors etc.

This has been my life until one day, I came after work and my apartment felt so crowded and dark because every time I look at my window, I –of course - have a display that obscure the natural light coming from the outside. I am not a crazy hoarder but I love collecting small and cute stuff. After all, everything collected, piles up thus clutter.





1. It starts with a decision:


I decided to re-organize and try decluttering (thanks to Pinterest and Penelope Pop for the inspiration). Watching Youtube can be handy but it will not help until you DECIDE to do it yourself and that´s what I did. Although I am pretty determined, it was hard in the beginning because of some memories embodied with those stuffs I collected for years (ex. clothes that does not even fit anymore, gifts that displays etc.)



2. Implement it on every room:



*Living room


Simplifying is the key element in this process. I removed the curtains I had before since I am on the upper level. Organizing my orchids in one place and throwing some displays that doesn’t serve a purpose.




I had tons of make-up kit back in the day and it can seriously build up fast when we don’t check the expiry date. I jumped from being dolled-up to little-to-no make-up at all. In special occasion I use foundation, concealer, mascara and lipstick. That’s it. I am also used to having my accessories hanging everywhere on the bathroom. I sorted them out by keeping the ones I think still fits me and give/throw away those that I don’t need.




I re-organized my room from having a princess net to a simple one. Yes, I used princess net until I was 30, (haha!). Don´t judge, I think those were cute. I eliminated some small furniture and stuff I don’t need and replaced them with a small table that I use for my bible and my MacBook - since I usually watch Netflix during weekends. Plants are always a good addition to a room.


*Mini walk-in closet


All girls want to have another room for our clothes, bags and shoes. Like what I have mentioned above, I am guilty of going shopping because it is on SALE. There is nothing wrong buying when it is on sale, but shopping in moderation is the key for this change. Funny thing is that we say "I don’t have anything to wear while looking directly to the pile of clothes we have! It is crazy, do you know someone who say this? I had those moments too.


And by sorting, I mean selecting those that I would still wear and putting the rest to a box (donation, disposal and for sale). I also categorize them by season - winter & summer. I am also selling my pre-loved items here

Hanging your clothes can be very handy and it will prevent them by getting wrinkled.


I hope you enjoyed reading this blog entry! #sharing is #caring



Cleanliness is next to godliness.





Miss K



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