Testimony: Journey to Norway

Testimony: Journey to Norway

November 2, 2011

"God's love is beyond description, beyond what human mind can ever fathom. He loves me and never failed to show it in any circumstances. God has been pouring out His blessings to me since the time He created me and even in times that I have loosen grip. I would like to share a testimony on how He moves in my life through my expedition to higher places".


I grew up in a Jesus-centered family and church. I am so blessed to be a part of this kind of environment as I walk my journey with God.


I studied my bachelor of Pharmacy in Adamson University for 3 years but something happened in my parent's work place and they lost their job. So from then on, my family couldn't afford to send me to school anymore though they were denying it. I decided to stop schooling. I felt the weight of the world for the first time since we have been living a good life before then. Everything flipped 180 degrees. That stage in our lives were very difficult, I honestly had a hard time coping and moving on. My pride was so high and I kept denying what happened to me and to my family to those around us. But God knows how to crush this stone-hard, prideful heart of mine. I was literally pressed to the ground, I learned to bow completely to Him.


It was in 2009 when I started looking for call center jobs, jumping from one company to another doing some interviews and hoping to be employed so I can help my parents but I was always rejected. It was really frustrating.  There came a moment that I don't want to apply for a job anymore, I was fed up. I asked God, "Lord, I know I am capable, but why is it that I keep on failing in my every interview? Don't you want me to get a job? What do you want me to do then?


It was March 2009, I had my last attempt to apply in a very popular company in Makati and I said to God, "Lord, last na to! Kung ayaw mo, ayaw ko na rin". What was funny is that I almost got the job but I failed the final interview. I felt so sad and headed to Cosmopolitan Church since it was a Wednesday.



Pastor Mina Palomo preached that night for the church's anniversary opening. It was titled "Signs of the Lord's Favor." Later in the service, everyone was asked to pick two small papers that contains an image and a verse. I got a picture of an airplane and a car and the verse Matt 7:7 -



I was amazed and puzzled that God is telling me all these encouragements despite all the rejections I was getting. But by faith, right then and there, I claimed His word! I didn't have any idea where, when and most especially HOW? I know for sure that going abroad is expensive. It will require me to have at least a hundred thousand pesos more or less but I set all my worries aside and lifted everything to Jesus.


2009 passed, nothing happened. I kept asking God when, where, how? I started to get impatient, I tried not to doubt though it was tempting. I kept myself busy and started accepting computer jobs like encoding and lay-out designing for special events and the like. I gave priority to my music and youth ministries in Church.


2010 came, still impatient but doubtless. My uncle happens to be a Pastor in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada and encouraged me to give Caregiving Job a shot. Later that year I got enrolled in an institution to be trained and qualified for Caregiving.


2011 came and I was about halfway through my training but little to no knowledge about where to get a huge amount of money that I need for processing to Canada. I tried not to be restless as the days slowly passed me by. One Saturday afternoon during our Bible Study, Pastor Jonathan's topic was about signs and we practiced what we did last March 2009. I eagerly asked God about me going abroad and He gave me a GREEN traffic signal sign which means GO!. I couldn't help but smile big-time. My hopes and desires were revived much more than what I had before.


On May 2011, I started processing my papers for a possible jobs in Canada and upon completing it, I struggled in my heart to believe. It was so hard and it felt too impossible. I kept asking God for a miracle like a child would ask for candies. Unknown to my knowledge, He is preparing a table full of surprises before me. I submitted my CV online (newaupair.com) hoping to be chosen by some searching families on that site. I waited for almost 1 and a half month. FINALLY! I got not just 1 but 6 possible employers from Germany, Australia, England, Switzerland, Finland and Norway. I started having interviews with families from those countries. Personally, I wanted to go to Germany or England, but there were many others to choose from and I started to get confused to where to go. So, I asked God again in my prayers and it went like this, "Lord, I will send them my reply at the same time, the one who answer first is the one I will believe you want me to pick, thy will be done" Guess what?, the only response after that was NORWAY. It seems very crazy but my initial reaction was, "oh,no!". I completed all of the requirements and passed them at the Royal Embassy of Norway in Manila. Just right after two working days I got a notice from them that my visa is indeed GRANTED! Praise God! It normally takes 3-6 months. He really wanted me to go. 


Soon I realized that God is bringing me to one of the world’s richest countries for FREE. God is really a generous God! I didn't pay much. In fact, my host family in Norway offered to pay everything for me. I shouldered my medical expense ofcourse. But even in that small amount, He had provided.


I met this lady at the OWWA center and asked her if she knew about some medical clinic that is honored by the Royal Embassy of Norway and she gave me a calling card of a center named "God's Way Diagnostic Center.” What is amazing is that, I didn't know that the calling card was a discount card as well. So I went there and brought my 2,500 pesos with me– which was the only money I have that time. I presented the card and the staff led me to their Medical director who turns out to be Bisaya just like me! PRAISE GOD! God made everything as easy as breathing. I only paid 1,500 pesos when normally costs 4,000-5,000 pesos! WHAT A FAVOR FROM THE LORD! 


Fast forward 2018, here I am still, now being married to my bibleschool-classmate turned-bestfriend. Everything that have happened in between 2011-2018 is another story to tell but the rest is still a history in the making and I am looking forward for the future ahead of us.


It feels like I’m drowning in God’s overflowing blessings. When He said he will bless you, it will not just be drizzles of blessing, but He will really POUR IT OUT and EVEN FLOOD YOU WITH SO MUCH OF IT. I received blessings after blessings! GOD is so awesome! His promises are true and His love endures forever!

Thank you Lord Jesus for hearing my prayers!  


To the aspiring youth of today's generation, keep your desires and hold on to your dreams. Delight yourself in the Lord and He will surely give the desires of your very hearts.

When everything seems dull and slow like nothing is happening, it doesn't mean that God isn't doing something. He is actually preparing you for a BREAKTHROUGH you have long been waiting for!

May this testimony ignite your heart's hope and faith to Him and remember,








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